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Another Spate of Bad Luck

And We're Back

I went to church today.

I have been neglecting Lent. About the only thing that has anything to do with Easter, that I have done, has been to order plastic eggs for the literary journal I edit.

We're running an Easter Egg Hunt. Inside will be hidden treasures.


This year on my birthday my mother-in-law fell and blew out her knee. She will have to have surgery once the swelling goes down.

"They putting metal in her," Cathreen says.

A couple days earlier Cathreen's uncle died, when everyone thought her grandmother would be the one to go.

Two years ago on my birthday her grandfather lost his will to live. Last year we attended the ancestral dinner. "They putting metal in her" makes me think of robots.

The world has fewer and straighter paths than one might think.

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