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The Sixth Post


For dinner we go to a beef restaurant we tried once and liked, and on the way Cathreen picks up strawberries for dessert, saying we can stop by her sister's house after we eat. When we get there the restaurant is closed, but as we settle into the car again to find somewhere else, her sister calls to say she had a feeling she should ask where we were.

Cathreen has told me before how they have a psychic connection, like twins. I remember the night she had stomach cramps and woke me up screaming, and in the morning, she called her sister and it turned out the baby had been born.

We go over there and watch a movie afterward on their home theater system. I walk with her brother-in-law to pick out the DVD. He says something in Korean, and something else, and then tugs on my earmuffs, and we walk out in the rain not understanding each other.


Now we're Christmas shopping. Why is it so hard for us to pick out something other people will like? I don't know whether I ask this as a personal question or a human one. Seems like other people can do this, can't they?


The dogs and cat fight like dogs and cats. Cathreen looks at dog-training devices online, but her pets are probably far too old to learn. The machines look complicated. One claims to be for multiple-dog houses: a bark is amplified at dog pitch, and the other canines grow angry and beat up on the first one to teach him a lesson. I think.

The reviews do not sound promising.

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